Sound variations as visual material in Richard Garet

By Pietro Daprano.

Richard Garet.
Perceptual Sonic Landscape. Midnight Blink, 2015. Moving Image. 00 02 50

Richard Garet (Montevideo, 1972) is a multimedia artist who received an MFA from Bard College, USA, and was part of Soundings: A Contemporary Score at MoMA, New York, in 2013, an event that marked the beginnings of sonic art.

Since 1998 Garet has been systematically creating sound art through analog and digital media that resemble cognitive experiences related to time, color, and painting.

On this materiality and virtuality, Fuentes Angarita Collection features Perceptual: Sonic Landscape / Midnight Blink, 2015. Moving Image. 00:02:50 is a piece where the traditional concepts of harmony and image evolve towards pictorial forms in movement.

Garet’s field of aesthetic research explores the concept of sound as matter, which makes us suppose that perhaps the noises caused by noise pollution, those provoked by the media among others present in our daily life, can become points of reflection on the loss of silence in everyday life.

In this sense, the sound and the visual are integrated parts of Garet’s workflow and can lead to represent new conceptual forms of art as well as a reflection on consciousness.

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